Our Vegan Menu


Our Vegan Menu

Pre starter

  • Marinated olives £4.95

    House marinated olives

  • Pane della casa £5.95

    Home made bread with balsamic oil


  • Arancini zafferano £7.95

    Classic arrancine filled with vegan mozzarella, saffron and mushrooms served on Napoli sauce

  • Funghi All'Aglio £6.95

    Pan fried mushrooms with vegan cream and garlic served with grilled olive oil bread

  • Bruschetta pomodoro £5.95

    Classic home made toasted bread topped with tomato marinated in garlic, olive oil and basil served with balsamic rocket

Main Course

  • Penne arrabbiata £12.95

    Penne pasta cooked in a rich tomato, garlic, basil and chilli sauce

  • Risotto zafferano £13.95

    Classic italian rice cooked with peas, asparagus and saffron topped with balsamic pea shoot salad

  • Ravioli alla rosa £14.95

    Chick pea and vegetable filled pasta cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with crispy mushrooms

  • Pizza contadina £13.95

    Tomato and vegan cheese based pizza topped with vegetable ragu and rocket

  • Pizza funghi £13.95

    Tomato and vegan mozzarella with mixed mushrooms and truffle paste

  • Calzone funghi £14.95

    Folded pizza filled with vegan mozzarella, garlic mushrooms and a side of napoli sauce



Combination of mango sorbet, blood orange and lemon

Torta di formaggio


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